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Funny Shaped Jugs

Leading on from my C cup project, and connected to it, I have collected 36 pairs of 'funny shaped jugs'. The idea being it's what you're left with after breast cancer recovery.

I have paired them to complement each other in terms of shape, colour or design – the similarity yet difference reflecting the inevitable but often unappreciated a-symmetry of the post operative world of breast cancer recovery. They have been collected over time, from local to far-flung places, most of them being vintage finds. Some are quirky, some almost biological, but all are carefully curated to sit as a subtle reminder of the legacy of breast cancer.

All profits from this enterprise will be donated to Maggie’s Centres, a haven for all in the cancer community. The ultimate concept is ‘Collection and Curation for cancer care’ – so a lot of big C’s!

All pairs are priced at £36

(not including postage and packaging) 

To purchase any of these pieces contact me here.

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