Barcode Bags and Panels

This collection uses my 'store' of vintage fabric and, as a reaction to the need to ‘take your own bag’ to the supermarket since the introduction of the 5p charge in 2015, appliqués strips of vintage fabric onto hessian bags.


The reference of the linear strips is the ‘bar code’ present on every supermarket product, and the hessian bag being the most basic (and natural) form of carrier bag available.


Each side of the bag is appliquéd in a patchwork of similar colours, paired to produce a complementary contrast on each side.

The panels take a similar idea by creating 'wall art' with strips of similar coloured fabric appliquéd together.

All bags and panels are priced at £40

(not including postage and packaging) 

To purchase any of these pieces contact me here.

© 2016 by  Vicky Thornton .

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