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Rose Cottage

A cottage in Felixstowe Ferry

The cottage itself is an original pilots house, positioned to guide sea craft in and out of the harbour. Essentially a small two up two down with a 1960s extension added later to provide a kitchen and shower room, facilities evidently not part of the original dwelling. 


The picturesque cottage stands between a links golf course and the sea with good sized front and back gardens.


The re-organization of the cottage, replacement of the ‘plastic’ conservatory and addition of a small study formed the basis of the transformation. 

The conservatory was replaced with a timber framed structure which expresses itself clearly between the glass and solid ceiling above. 


The only strictly ‘new’ accommodation is the addition of a timber box which forms a small office linked to the stair/dining hall. Positioned to look out to sea with a low horizontal window, the room is clad both externally and internally in timber, making reference to the beach huts on the nearby seafront.

In the original cottage itself, the first move was to shuffle the accommodation to optimize the available space and preserve the character of the cottage and without need to unduly extend the footprint. 

The ground floor spaces all flow one to the other, with views out to the sea and landscape at the end of each vista.

The main bedroom was transformed by removing the low ceiling and exposing the rafters. The axis set up by the church–like pitched ceiling reinforced by the double doors leading to a balcony looking out to sea.

The bathroom was relocated upstairs in place of the second bedroom, the ceiling of which was steeply sloping and required a dormer to be added, with views of the golf course and Deben River beyond. 

Rose Cottage Plan_ground

Rose Cottage Plan_ground

Rose Cottage Plan_first

Rose Cottage Plan_first

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