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VT Ceramics, SShells 04
VT Ceramics, SShells 05
VT Ceramics, SShells 06
VT Ceramics, SShells 07


Inspired by a trip to Ireland, collecting shells on the beaches near Cork, these paired vessels are shaped and patterned to resemble clam-like shells, one for salt and the other for pepper.

Much like the shells that inspired them, they are left unglazed on the outside, scored with ridges to to play off against the smooth interiors - dark brown for the salt and off white for the pepper to give contrast to their contents.  

The shells close exactly onto each other, held together by a coloured rubber band which matches the packaging - blues and greens to represent the sea from where the inspirational shells came . 

All pairs are priced at £30

(not including postage and packaging) 

To purchase any of these pieces contact me here.

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